The Subscription Box Chronicles: Unboxing the Bizarre

There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there & in my “The Subscription Box Chronicles” series I hope to showcase some of the more interesting boxes out there & boxes that I enjoy that I have tried.

This is a SPOILER WARNING before you scroll down- this review is for the May Unboxing the Bizarre Subscription Box, if you want to be surprised wait til after you get yours before you scroll further!

This review is for Unboxing the Bizarre, a wonderful sunscription box company that is run by the Olbert’s- a clan of free-spirited, fun loving people! They have traveled the world & spent time in many different countries where they learned about the lesser-known, offbeat, weird & wacky holidays other cultures celebrated. In the Unboxing the Bizarre subscription box, they have jam-packed them full of some of the more interesting holidays they have come across, giving you a neat item related to the holiday, a trivia card on the holiday & suggestions on how to celebrate it yourself!

These boxes provide a wonderful array of goodies (1-4 holidays are covered in a subscription box) that you can learn about, celebrate & enjoy! It is wonderful in bringing a sense of community & family to your life & sharing these wonderful, lesser-known holidays with your loved ones.

Each box contains over $70.00 of wacky, wild & fun items to help you celebrate a new holiday.

The monthly sunscription box standard box is $39.95 & the deluxe box is $49.95. You can also feel free to just give a one time shipment box a try to see how you like it!

I highly recommend the Unboxing the Bizarre subscription box for families with children of all ages, I think it’d be especially great for homeschooling projects & getting your kids excited about learning about new cultures different holidays & more. It is for all ages though, where adults & kids alike would find something fun inside for sure!

*Here be spoilers for the Unboxing the Bizarre May 2016 subscription box, so if you don’t want to know, please avert your eyes from the rest of this post until the last week in April before your own box arrives…

The May 2016 box contained:

A Duke Imports Darth vader Twin Size Blanket (MSRP $44.95) for May 4th, Star Wars Day! The blanket is very soft & nice quality. I was very pleased with it & look forward to cozying up in it watching the latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

UtB blanket B

American Outdoor Products, Inc. Neapolitan Astronaut Ice Cream (MSRP $5.00) for May 6th, Space Day! I’ve always wanted to try astronaut ice cream & now I finally can say I have!

UtB ice cream FINAL S

Desktop Mini-Golf (MSRP $40.99) for May 18, National Golf Day! This little table top game is quite fun & I can happily say I got a hole-in-one!

UtB mini golf S

UtB mini golf open S

Gotham Recording Artist Swing Dance Special Volume 1 CD (MSRP $13.99) for May 26th, World Lindy Hop Day! I love this type of music, you don’t often hear it everyday, but now you can! It’s wonderful for a party.

UtB swing Dance B

The box in all had 4 items in total with a total MSRP of $104.93 so you really do get your moneys worth.

UtB final B

I highly recommend Unboxing the Bizarre if you want to learn, have fun & enjoy new things! Go on & celebrate!

Check out Unboxing the Bizarre at:






Learn More about the Olberts here:

This box was provided to me for review. All opinions are honest & my own.





5 thoughts on “The Subscription Box Chronicles: Unboxing the Bizarre

  1. So awesome! Hope you enjoy the astronaut ice cream. I like the chocolate and vanilla flavors. Astronaut ice cream is also one out of the many reasons that I miss going to the planetarium.


    1. Thanks! It was my first time having astronaut ice cream & I liked it a lot. I always used to see it at OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry) but never tried it until now! Made me feel nostaglic. 🙂


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