The Subsciption Box Chronicles: Jade Canopy – May Box Review

There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there & in my “The Subscription Box Chronicles” series I hope to showcase some of the more interesting boxes available & boxes that I enjoy that I have tried.

Today’s subscription box focuses on: Jade Canopy. 

JC Logo small

This is a SPOILER WARNING before you scroll down- this review is for the May Jade Canopy Subscription Box, if you want to be surprised wait til after you get yours before you scroll further!

Jade Canopy is the first & only gardening subscription box out there. Each Jade Canopy Box consists of 5-6 items for the garden. Whether you have a green thumb or a black thumb, the items that have been curated in each Jade Canopy Box will help you reach your inner gardener potential! They choose awesome themes & strive to curate the best items for that months theme in each box.

Jade Canopy offers Organic, Heirloom & Non-GMO seeds. It’s a perfect subscription box for people on your list that are hard to buy for & seem to have everything! You’ll get a gardening surprise, no matter the season- you’ll never be bored!

The theme for the May Jade Canopy Box is: Productivity Overload.

JC Productivity Overload small

JC box close up BIG

Book:  Down & Dirty: 43 Fun & Funky First-Time Projects & Activities to Get You Gardening by Ellen Zachos, Photography by Adam Mastoon, $19.95 USD JC Down and Dirty book BIG.jpgThis book contains a ton of amazing projects that a beginner or seasoned pro would love to tackle! It has so many wonderful tips that taught me something. I can’t wait to try out many of the projects inside. There is a section with recipes (I can’t wait to try the Ratatouille recipe- it sounded so delicious!), a section about planting a garden that is safe & fun for cats & a lot of info. on succulents which I have been all about lately & can’t wait to learn more. This book is going to be incredibly useful & fun for me to delve into.

JC seeds askew small.jpg

Artichoke “Green Globe” Cynaria Scolymus 30 Seeds from Seed Needs – I squealed with delight upon finding these seeds tucked into my Jade Canopy Box. Artichokes are my favorite vegetable of all time! I used to grow them all the time but haven’t in a few years & would love to get back into growing my own & now I can! Growing your own is so much better than buying them in the store. The stores charge way too much for them, they aren’t that great of quality & they are usually covered in icky pesticides. Growing your own you know what is in your soil, what you are putting on them, etc. They flower with a beautiful, giant purple flower at the end of their season.

JC Artichoke close up BIG

*I find a lot of people haven’t tried artichokes because they think they are too complicated to prepare/eat but I assure you they are so easy! Just give them a good wash/rinse & dry being mindful of the prickly leaves- (they are in the thistle family). Grip the stem w/ a paper towel & do a quick trim of the edges of the leaves w/ a pair of kitchen scissors, lop off the top about 2 inches in so you can see a bit inside it, trim the stem off & plop it in a microwave safe dish. Fill with a 1/4 water in the bottom, add some butter & lemon juice & cook covered with wax paper for 8-12 minutes depending on size. When the outer leaves pull out without any resistance it is ready! You then scrape the leaves with your teeth & get all that tender pulp off. When you reach the “choke” the fuzzy, prickly inside you just take a spoon & carefully pull up the inedible part leaving behind the most delicious part of the Artichoke- the heart! You can dip the leaves & heart into butter, lemon, aioli & other condiments but I find they don’t need much of anything with the lovely flavor they have. It’s a cross between a baked potato w/ a green tea-ish flavor to me (so hard to describe!). I urge you to try an artichoke if you haven’t. Don’t be intimidated! Once you get the hang of it you’ll wonder why you didn’t eat them all along!

Squash “Prolific Straightneck” Summer Cucurbita Pepo 70 Seeds from Seed Needs – Squash is another favorite of mine (there aren’t many vegetables I dislike!) & I look forward to growing these. They are amazing & so versatile to cook with.

JC Squash close up BIG


ButtercupsDouble Tangerine Van Zyverden Ranunculus Bulbs- I love flowers & these look like they will be a vibrant tangerine orange. I can’t wait to get these planted up & to see what they’ll look like!

JC Buttercups BIG

Hand Weeder- This handy dandy hand weeder is so helpful for the garden. It has nice, sharp prongs to twist those weed roots right out of my hard soil! I love that this was included because I had one before that was on it’s last legs & was in need of a new one! I’ll get a lot of use out of it this season & for many more to come.

JC weeder pic small

Mosquito Band- Lasts for 120 Hours!, No Harsh Chemicals, No DEET! I don’t know about you but mosquitos drive me crazy! The instant I hear that creepy buzzing in my ear I am ready to pack it up & run inside! But now with this great chemical-free, comfortable mosquito repelling bracelet I can garden in peace without getting all bit up. This would be a great item for young kids especially since you don’t want the dangers of chemicals & it’s not stinky or anything.

JC mosquito repell bracelet small

Overall I loved the May Jade Canopy Box immensely. It had items I will enjoy & use for seasons to come. My favorite items were the book (so useful! a great read!) & the Artichoke seeds (my favorite vegetable ever!) & weeder (I was I need of). The value of the box is right on point giving you what you pay for a lot more! It would be a wonderful gift for all ages & genders- grandparents, parents, teachers, kids who are getting interested in gardening (great learning tool!), & most of all YOU! 🙂

JC everything full BIG

Each Jade Canopy Box is $35.00 for a monthly subscriptionshipping is free! & they offer a 10% discount for prepaid 3 & 6 month subscriptions.

Checkout Jade Canopy at:

Website here:




 This box was provided to me for review. All opinions are honest & my own.

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