The Subscription Box Chonicles: Awakening In A Box- June

There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there & in my “The Subscription Box Chronicles” series I hope to showcase some of the more interesting boxes available & boxes that I enjoy that I have tried.

Today’s subscription box focuses on: Awakening in a Box.

AiaB logo picture small

This is a SPOILER WARNING before you scroll down- this review is for the June Awakening in a Box Subscription Box, if you want to be surprised wait til after you get yours before you scroll further!

Awakening in a Box is “The only subscription box that brings enlightenment to your doorstep.” Awakening in a Box strives to bring you tools that will enlighten & awaken your mind & spirit to your full potential. They want to bring you positive energy every month through crystals & products designed to aid you on your journey. You deserve to feel alive, happy, healthy, and full of purpose.

Each Awakening in a Box contains 3 healing crystals/stones & 1-2 products specifically made to help aid you in your journey to awakening. Each month there is a specific theme. June’s Box Theme is: Sleep Tight. (The second box in the Limited Edition Series, Sleep & Dreams).

june note big

Above is a note from the wonderful owner/creator/curator of Awakening in a Box, Megan F. McKinnon. She lets you know everything you can expect in your amazing, Awakening in a Box!

june full rocks big.jpg

Three beautiful crystals/gems were included. Each one came with a handy note card that gives a nice amount of information/facts/chakra/Astrological sign info. Pink Botswana Agate, which is known to work well toward easing sleep disturbances such as night terrors, nightmares & sleep-walking caused by stresses or trauma. Selenite, one of the absolute best stones for sleep. Cleansing your aura as you sleep so you wake up feeling rested & rejuvenated. Selenite carries a high vibration which makes it a great stone for cleansing or charging your crystals. Rhodonite, is known for helping to overcome insomnia. It helps settle down stressful & overwhelming emotions & foster inner peace.

I enjoyed all three of the stones included in this month’s box. They were very nice quality & all compliment each other for the theme this month in helping to aid sleep.

*Side Note: I have been having really interesting dreams (all good) & am recalling my dreams in much more vivid detail since I started to sleep with my Awakening in a Box (May) Sweet Dreams crystals by my bedside. I think that is awesome! I have such a hard time getting to sleep & staying asleep I hope that the stones in this month’s box will help me to sleep much easier. I’ll let you know next month! 🙂

Crystal Bar Third Eye Soap Bar: This adorable, little, handmade vegan soap bar smells amazing (I can’t stress this enough!)- the lavender scent will help soothe you to sleep, it’s incredibly cute & contains a little “Breath of Life” Amethyst crystal within it that you can have when your soap is all gone. It’s a neat little surprise. Amethyst & Lavender are known as natural stress relievers. Crystal Bar is a wonderful little company, they were recently featured in Elle magazine!

Crystal Bar Soap big

june crytsal bar soap small

For more on Crystal Bar you can find them at the following:



Also included in this month’s box was a wonderfully thoughtful trio of Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Teas in Classic, Honey & Peach varieties. Classic/Original has a soothing chamomile, spearmint & lemongrass. Honey is a sweet twist on the Original & Peach has a ripe yellow peach flavor added to the original.

june celestial seasonings tea trio small.jpg

What a great way to try out each variety. I can easily smell which is which- they smell delicious! I love tea so much & am always on the look-out to try new ones.

Overall, I loved Awakening in a Box June so much! Every item included was so wonderfully curated & put together to meet the theme of the month. No item was wasted or a “throw-in”. Every item had a direct purpose & complimented each other perfectly. My favorites in this box were the Pink Botswana Agate because it has such a strong & positive vibe to it, I can’t wait to see if it helps me to sleep easier, & the beautiful smelling Crystal Bar Third Eye Soap. I look forward to making my way to the amethyst inside it. For such a cute, little box it packed a serious punch & has been one of my top favorites in my The Subscription Box Chronicles series for the thought & care that was put into each one.

Full best june picture.jpg

Awakening in a Box is $14 + ($5 shipping & handling) a month with a minimum retail value of $25. They offer international shipping!

Checkout Awakening in a Box at:





 This box was provided to me for review. All opinions are honest & my own.




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