The Subscription Box Chronicles: Sacred Space Living Box (#SslbyJoni)- June

There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there & in my “The Subscription Box Chronicles” series I hope to showcase some of the more interesting boxes available & boxes that I enjoy that I have tried.

Today’s subscription box focuses on Sacred Space Living’s #sslbyJoni Box Set – June.

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This month’s theme is: Midsummer Magick!
Everything you need to create your own celebration!

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& we know you will find it here with us!

The Sacred Space Studio is a truly unique place where mind, body, & spirit come into alignment.  Founded by Rev. Joni Clark, the studio first opened its doors two years ago with the goal of helping people to improve their lives by living more consciously.

Whether you feel the need to experience a guided meditation, imbibe a cup of herbal tea, enjoy a reiki or aromatherapy session, snack on a delicious vegan cookie, participate in a wellness seminar, or peruse the gift shop, there is truly something for everyone.”

Sacred Space Living in a Box is a monthly themed unique experience ! Hand picked items for you to create and beautify the Spaces inside and out you will always find something to soothe the Mind, Body & Spirit , Candles or Incense to burn, essential oils to sample, one of a kind local Hand made Artisan gifts or jewelery and so much more!

box items unopened big

With the beautiful theme of Midsummer Magick, the Sacred Space Living Box definitely does not disappoint & brings you exactly that! The box was beautiful to open; each little box & item was so carefully packaged & wrapped. You can can tell each item was hand chosen & lovingly created by owner Joni Clark. Such attention to detail & care envelops each item & you can feel the positivity & magic radiating within each object awaiting you to decorate your own Sacred Space with the magical array of items.

box big

Everything 2 big

So many wonderful items were tucked away into this box! It was incredibly fun to go through & unwrap each magical piece. The box had a lovely, soft & magical scent wafting from it as I unwrapped the tissue paper (coming from raspberry rose incense). It was a great experience to sit & unveil each individual object from their beautifully wrapped paper, boxes & jars. Tucked throughout were notes of positivity like, ” Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” & “Believe in your dreams” as well as little cloth flowers & various pretty ribbons adorned each individual parcel. Such special touches & attention to detail is what makes opening this package a truly special & enjoyable experience.

Let’s take a closer look at each item, shall we?

Signature Blend big

Sacred Space Living by Joni
Signature Blend
Gives a boost to any magical workings.
*Lavender, Rose, Chamomile & Clove.

blend askew big

This vibrantly colored & gorgeous blend comes housed in a long tube jar with a cork lid. The blend of Lavender, Rose, Chamomile & Clove is such a fantastic scent & you can tell that it is very high-quality flowers & herbs. The Clove is very prominent, which I personally love, as it makes for such a wonderful scent to use in the home.

Turquoise Colored Bead Necklace

Necklace big

This wonderful necklace was a perfect accompaniment to the Midsummer Magick box with its turquoise & silver beads. A bright pop of blue just evokes summer. I like to use my necklace as a bracelet by wrapping it around my wrist a few times.

necklace as bracelet big

Sacred Space Living by Joni
Love & Attraction
Essential Oil Blend
*Be sure & clear of what you want*

Oil big

This essential oil blend has a light, feminine scent that is perfect for everyday. Use it for when you want a little love in your life.

parcel big

Selenite Stick

Selenite Stick biig

Included was a nice-sized piece of Selenite. Selenite is a form of Gypsum & is an incredibly powerful crystal that is used to clear & charge all crystals. It is connected to moon energy. It brings mental clarity & removes energy blocks.

parcel askew big

box 1 outside big

Sacred Space Living by Joni
Inspiration in a Box!

box 1 inside big

Mugwort Blend
Pinch to burn for protection & calming.
Put under pillow for prophetic dreams.

box 1 out big

Sage & Lavender Blend
A pinch to burn to clear all your spaces.


Amethyst big

I’m a sucker for crystals of all kinds, but Amethyst is my very favorite of them all so I was delighted to see this included! It’s a wonderful piece.

Sea Shell

seashell big

This wee little sea shell makes for a perfect altar trinket.

box 2 big

Sacred Space Living by Joni
Inspiration in a Box!

Inspiration box 2 inside big

Drinking Stones
For Wellbeing
Add a Tablespoon to drinking water.
Careful small bits*

Drinking Stones big

Sacred Salt
Cleansing Himalayan Pink Salt with Lavender, Holy Basil, & Rosemary.
*Add to bath or use in shower*

Sacred Salt big

This is a beautiful blend of flowers & herbs to use in the bath or shower!

Raspberry Rose Incense Cones

Incense big

I loved the raspberry rose scent of this incense. So often, some incense can be overwhelming or too much for me but this one was just right & was perfect for the Midsummer Magick theme of this month’s box.

Inspiration box 2 big

Heart Key

key big

This antique-looking key is a pretty item to place upon ones altar space.

Tribal Printed Candle

candle big

This tribal printed candle was a nice added item to help decorate your sacred space. It has lovely gold accents.

Soap Bar

soap big

This bar of soap has a very light scent.

Favorites big

I throughly enjoyed this box- from opening the mysteriously wonderfully wrapped boxes & jars to the magically beautiful treasures hidden within each one. Among my favorites was the Signature Blend (such a delightful scent! & incredibly lovely to look at with the colors of the flowers & herbs inside) & the Inspiration in a Box; containing the Sage & Lavender Blend, Mugwort Blend, Amethyst Crystal & Sea Shell. It’s like having an apothecary delivered straight to your door!

Apothecary big

Just look at everything you get! I think this box has a great value. You get such a nice variety of useful items to use in your home. From bath salts & soap, to items for your wellbeing, things to cleanse your space, altar trinkets & decor items, to a beautiful essential oil blend, incense & crystals.

Everything big

I highly recommend this box if you are looking to beautify your sacred space whether it be your home, your altar space, etc. You’ll be sure to find high-quality, lovingly handmade & beautiful items within your #sslbyJoni Box sets.

Everything nice big

*NOTE: Most of these items are available individually if you would like to pick & choose what you’d like instead of getting the entire #sslbyJoni Box set. Though, the box set would be a better deal for all that you get within it.

*Save 15% off your first #sslbyJoni Box Set box with coupon code: PICKLE15

*Save 10% off your purchase of individual items from Sacred Space Living with coupon code: PICKLE10

The Sacred Space Living in a Box #sslbyJoni Box Set is $35.00 a month.

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Check out  The Sacred Space Living at:








This box was provided to me for review. All opinions are honest & my own.

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