The Subscription Box Chronicles: Honey & Sage Co.- July Box

There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there & in my “The Subscription Box Chronicles” series I hope to showcase some of the more interesting boxes available & boxes that I enjoy that I have tried.

Today’s subscription box focuses on Honey & Sage Co. Sage Woman Box- July


About Honey & Sage Co.:

“Women do so much for everyone & sometimes we need a gentle reminder to care for ourselves. That’s why we started Honey & Sage with the idea of sending monthly care packages to refill women’s cups. As we’ve grown, we’ve created our own apothecary line to nourish all aspects of women’s wellness. We feature goods & care packages for women across the childbearing years, from menarche to menopause.

We also offer seasonal Women’s Gathering events (currently in the Dallas/Fort Worth area) where women come together to celebrate the shift of seasons, the goodness of life, and to affirm each other.”

Box big

The box was very heavy; full of a wonderful assortment of goodies to pamper ones self. The box had a beautiful aroma while opening & uncovering all the contents due to the lemongrass & mint soapy goodness.

Lined up big

Let’s take a closer look at amazing contents of the Sage Woman July box.

Organic Fair Ginger Ale- Organic Soda Syrup, 8.4 oz.- $9.95

Ginger Ale big

“This is the ginger ale you’ve dreamed about. A full spectrum extract of ginger with a breeze from the islands… some lime & spice. Just a hint of heat & a beautiful balanced flavour. Fabulous in cocktails or the morning after a wild night. This ginger ale is your new best friend.”

Ingredients: Raw cane sugar*, spring water, ginger*, lime juice*, spices*, ginger extract*, citric acid.
* Organic Ingredients. Certified Organic by: Pro-Cert.

What a neat item to include! I loved this- it’s so much fun to make your own ginger ale by adding it club soda, etc. It tastes great & I love that it’s organic & made with things that you can pronounce & want to ingest, unlike some things out there. It really soothed my stomach when I had a stomache ache too. Great stuff!

Honey & Sage Co. Coconut Milk Bath Nopal + Silk, 4.75 oz.- 22.00

Coconut Milk Bath Big

“The Nopal + Silk Coconut Milk Bath will be your new favorite, must-have self-care apothecary good.

This LUXURIOUS Coconut Milk Bath is blended with super-hydrating Nopal (cactus, y’all) & skin-softening Silk Amino Acids. Use it in your bath to nourish your skin or apply it as a face mask & leave for a few minutes. You will be IMPRESSED with the texture & feeling of your silky, supple skin.”

open big

Ingredients: Coconut Milk Powder*, Nopal Powder*, Silk Amino Acids, Sodium Bicarbonate (*Organic)

Talk about luxurious- they weren’t kidding! This is amazing! If you want softer skin you NEED to get this- you won’t be sorry. I like it in the bath but I personally love it even more as a mask! It’s beyond awesome.

Honey & Sage Co. Aura Mist: Focused Intentions, 2 oz.- $16.00

Aura Mist Big

“Our Aura Mists are beautiful blends of organic hydrosols, spring water + essential oils. They are wonderful as facial toners but they may also be used to spray on your body or in the room to quickly shift the energy.

Focused Intentions: Organic creation of lemongrass hydrosol & an essential oil blend of peppermint, grapefruit & sweet orange. Use to focus, cool skin & as a facial toner.” (Not for children’s use).

This Aura Mist is incredibly potent. You can smell all the wonderful essential oils within it & each compliments the other. It’s super cooling to the body when used due to the peppermint. It smells so clean & fresh!

Good Clean Love Almost Naked Personal Lubricant 1.5 oz.- $9.99

Naked big

“Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant is a water-based lube made with aloe vera & infused with a touch of lemon and vanilla, giving it a light organic flavor. This organic Good Clean Love personal lubricant is designed for the most sensitive skin types.”

Lola’s Handcrafted- Small Batch Natural Cold Process Artisan Soap in Lemongrass + Mint, 4.5 oz.- $6.50

Soap big

“Lemongrass + Mint is a unique, 100% natural & invigorating soap. This blend is made with lemongrass & peppermint essential oils & topped with dried peppermint & lavender.

This lathering handcrafted bar was made using the cold process method, with: saponified oils of: soybean oil, cottonseed oil, lye, coconut oil, olive oil, distilled water, peppermint & lemongrass essential oil, castor oil, kaolin clay, dried peppermint, dried lemongrass, titanium dioxide, & vegetable glycerin.

Each of our soaps are formulated from scratch, hand poured then hand cut so every single bar is unique!”

This beautiful handmade soap smells so intoxicatingly wonderful! Lemongrass has a lovely light, citrusy scent with the mint coming through for a cooling pop to the senses. It is invigorating & wakes you up! I love this for summer.

All of it big

I absolutely loved everything included in this beautiful assortment of self-pampering goodies from Honey & Sage Co.!

Sage Woman Care Packages

You’ve got your good, earnest work to do in the world. But, in order to do it well, you need to refill your cup. Our Sage Woman Care Packages are self-care subscriptions that arrive to your door monthly with a new meditation to nourish your Spirit, temple + heart.

Sage Woman Care Package ($55/month): a more robust package featuring additional quality wellness/beauty/ceremony items

  • 2 Honey & Sage Apothecary goods
  • 3 to 5 women’s wellness/ceremony/beauty goods
  • 1 meditation card


Checkout Honey & Sage Co. at:







This box was provided to me for review. All opinions are honest & my own.

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