The Subscription Chronicles: Magickal Folk- October Kits

There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there & in my “The Subscription Box Chronicles” series I hope to showcase some of the more interesting boxes available & boxes that I enjoy that I have tried.

Today’s subscription box focuses on: Magickal Folk’s October Kits


 Here is some information about Magickal Folk:

This is what we do:

You will find the Raven quite often through this journey. The Raven is the bringer of magic. Raven guides the magic of healing and the change in consciousness that will bring about a new reality. No doubt, magic is in the air. Do not try to figure it out; you cannot. It is the power of the unknown at work, and something special is about to happen. The deeper mystery, however, is how you will respond to the sparkling synchronicity of this alchemical moment. Will you recognize it and use if to further enhance your growth? can you accept it as a gift from the Great Spirit? Or will you limit the power of the Great Mystery by explaining it away?
Magickal Folk is a living, breathing, evolving community of spiritual women and men. We are holistic mamas, modern goddesses, soul junkies, witchy women, Catholics, Christians, Wiccan, Buddhist, Pagans, nothings, dont care’s, Atheists, solitary eclectics and everyone else out there who wishes to experience a magickal journey.

I create mindful and magickal boxes based on magick, intent, moon phases and the wheel of the year. Themes are voted on in our private invite only group on a monthly basis. Once everyone has received their parcels, we then spend several weeks exploring, experiencing, sharing, learning, and essentially awakening in our own ways. I continue, as curator, to give daily emails and blog posts with relevant articles, meditations, magick, empowering words, passages, links and other things relating to the theme.

We conspire to awaken our goddess within and explore that undeniable connection with the moon and magick. Together, we learn how to tap into Earth and Moon energy and live life in harmony as one. Invoking Goddesses, meditating for harmony and intuition, divining for clarity, affirming our truths, standing firmly, rewilding our souls, seeking and healing are just a few of the things we do together. Gift yourself this subscription and be one of our Anam Cara.”

“The witches calendar is based on modern versions and adaptations of ancient pagan festivals which celebrated the earth and her powers. The word “Sabbat” is a term originally referenced by witch hunters and was meant as an insult regarding the activities of the witches on their sacred days. Modern Wicca reclaimed the word and uses it to refer to the eight holy days marking the wheel of the year.

Modern celebrations of sacred days are understood metaphysically and have evolved over time. Different names are used for identical days representing different traditions, languages, cultures and spiritual orientations. Eclectic witches are not bound to a specific tradition. They may adopt metaphysical interpretations and spiritual orientations from various cultures in a manner that aligns and connects them with spirit.

For historical perspective, we know most records of witchcraft before the twentieth century were held mainly by witch hunters and the church. Because that perspective is tainted, we know this information cannot be taken at face value.

Globally, cultures celebrate the natural phenomena of the cosmos less and less as generations go on. I don’t believe we are any more disconnected than our ancestors but I do believe we spend less time listening, acknowledging and honoring that connection. Our ancestors were deeply attuned with the with nature and the realms of spirit. Their ancient spiritual practices acknowledged, celebrated and honored the changing of the seasons, the cycle of life, the many realms of spirit. So for me, creating a “Sabbat Altar” or celebrating and acknowledging “Sacred Days” for the modern witch is a very personal and important part to incorporate into family traditions. For this kit, I tried to combine what I feel are important considerations for an eclectic witch to identify with and incorporate into their personal calendars.”

The Magickal Folk Boxes always have such a magical mystical air about them. They are exciting to open & contain high-quality faire. Each box includes all you need to complete a ritual along with instructions & information.

Let’s take a closer look at the contents of Magickal Folk’s October Offerings:

Cards and Stones and Oil

Inner Grove Ritual Tea

This delicious blend of Irish Breakfast Tea, Elderberry Flowers & Berries, Hawthorn Berries & Flowers was so tasty & had such amazing flavor!

All of Magickal Folk‘s teas are rich & delicious with hearty flavors & depth. Perfect for use before rituals & spell work.


Horn of Plenty Kit stones oil and acorn

Horn of Plenty Info Card
Horn of Plenty Magickal Spirit Oil

Horn of Plenty Oil
This oil blend contains Orange, Cinnamon, Clove, Anise, Vanilla, Sunflower Carrier & Grapeseed Carrier Essential Oils.  It is perfect for autumn. The scent is amazing!

3 Red Malachite Stones

Red Malachite is associated with energy & courage. It celebrates life & encourages you to celebrate being alive. Red Malachite dispels fear & increases stamina. It brings warmth, light & abundance.

This trio of stones Red Malachite Stones are extremely beautiful in color & hold a lot of energy.

1 Ogham Inscribed Hazelnut

The inscription stands for the hazelnut tree. It is a seasonal blessing. It means wisdom & divine knowledge.

1 Herbal Incense Blend

This blend contains red clover tops, pumpkin seeds, dried rosemary, cinnamon chips, dried apples, Calendula petals & saffron flowers. It’s a hearty, deep & intoxicating scent.

This herbal incense blend smells divine on my altar table!

Oil and stones

Celtic Animal Oracle Info Card
Hand Rolled Sage & Tree Resin Incense Sticks

These hand rolled resin incense sticks had the heaviest, deep, beautiful scent which I could smell from the package before I opened it!

Spirit Messenger Meditation Tealight Candle

This hand poured natural soy candle with vetiver essential oil, frankincense resin, myrrh resin, dried rosemary & other fragrances provide tranquility & cleanse your ritual space. The scent is powerful, yet subtle & makes for a calming ritual.

Axinite Tumbled Stone

rock view 1

Axinite is a root & third eye stone. It is perfect for veil work because of its ability to assist in communicating with past lives & ancestors. It balances energy & helps you gain mastery of your emotions. It is perfect for meditation, shamanic journeying, scrying & communicating with spirits.

1 Druid Animal Oracle Card- Frog

I received the Frog Druid Animal card which I felt really spoke to me. I am an Earth sign so this card felt beautiful & perfect for my ritual. I loved the image very much!

Spirit Animal


Halloween Stones
2 Hematite
2 Howlite
ey Charm

I loved everything in these October Kits from Magickal Folk. They always provide wonderfully hand-crafted supplies, beautifully blended essential oils, gorgeous quality stones & so much more in each one of their kits. Below are just a few of my faves.

Cards and Stones
I especially love all the stones! Just look how lovely they all are together!

All Rocks flat shot
Each month you can expect Magickal Folk to keep you covered regarding all things magickal.


Checkout Magickal Folk at:






This box was provided to me for review. All opinions are honest & my own.



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