The Subscription Box Chronicles: Box of Shadows- The Supreme: October/Samhain Box

There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there & in my “The Subscription Box Chronicles” series I hope to showcase some of the more interesting boxes available & boxes that I enjoy that I have tried.

Today’s subscription box focuses on Box of ShadowsThe Supreme: October/Samhain Box

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“Box of Shadows started out as an idea between two eclectic pagans who wanted an easier & affordable way to access supplies for their craft. We both lived in areas where metaphysical stores were few & far between. The stores that were close were too expensive for recent college graduates. There needed to be a convenient & affordable way to bring craft supplies right to your doorstep. That is how the concept of Box of Shadows began!

Our Principles:

For Pagans, By Pagans

Box of Shadows was created by pagans & is committed to making sure that your voice is the loudest when it comes to selecting what goes in your box. You’re comments, suggestions, criticism, & feedback is the most essential component to making Box of Shadows a successful brand.

Always Affordable

Before Box of Shadows was even a concept, a college student & recent college grad used to commiserate about how expensive pagan tools & supplies could be. Then, we decided to do something about it! We want to provide the best supplies possible but we also want to make sure you save money while we’re at it.

Supporting Our Community

At Box of Shadows, we consider ourselves a heart-centered business. Our mission is to bring light not just to our customers but also to our community by supporting other heart-centered businesses. By sourcing our box contents from our community when possible instead of going through a wholesaler, your products come to you full of light and love.

We are also proud members of the Pagan Business Network!

The Box of Shadows: The Supreme October/Samhain Box is one of the most anxiously awaited boxes out there! It was sure to impress & did just that! It contained a vast variety of items to use during the thinning of the veil.

They packed a wonderful variety of items into a nice, compact box. Everything had a purpose & was well-thought out to the theme- this month, which is Samhain.

See what I mean, about them filling the box full of goodies?!

Box Pic 3
October 2017- The Supreme

Samhain/Halloween October 31

Samhain/The Witches’ New Year

Samhain pronounced “Sow’en” translates prosaically as “Summer’s End“. The last of the harvest festivals, it marks the end of the harvest season & the beginning of winter for the Celts, with the day after being the official date of the Celtic New Year. The reason being because the sun is at its lowest point on the horizon.

Though many look to October 31st as Halloween, many pagans revere Samhain as a time to remember their ancestors & to celebrate the start of the new year. This period is well suited to practicing divination, working on transitions of all sorts, candle magic, protection magic, & working with or contacting those who have passed on.

Samhain’s long association with death & the Dead reflects Nature’s rhythms. In many places, Samhain coincides with the end of the growing season. Vegetation dies back with killing frosts, & therefore, literally, death is in the air. This contributes to the ancient notion that at Samhain, the veil is thin between the world of the living & the realm of the Dead & this facilitates contact & communication. For those who have lost loved ones in the past year, Samhain rituals can be a oppurtunity to bring closure to grieving & to further adjust to their being in the Otherworld by spiritually communicating with them. There are many ways to celebrate Samhain.


* 1 Bundle of Undressed Candles
* 1 Package of Palo Santo Smoke Cleansing Chips
* Incense of the Month: Myrrh
* Herb of the Month: Spearmint
* Stone of the Month: Lapis Lazuli
* 1 Samhain Votive by Modern Magix
* 1 Gemstone Pendulum (design may vary)
* 1 Bottle of Clarity Spray by Frequency
* 1 Altar Cloth
* 1 Copy of Samhain by Diana Rajchel

Let’s take a closer look at each item, shall we?

Bundle of Undressed Candles

Undressed Candle Bundle
This bundle of undressed candles in harvest colors come in handy for all autumn season rituals.

Palo Santo Smoke Cleansing Chips

Palo Snato Smoke Cleansing Chips
Palo Santo is a sacred wood that comes from the Palo Santo tree, native to the coast of South America. Its name literally means “holy wood”. When it is burned, the smoke is believed to have both medicinal & therapeutic healing power. Traditionally, it was burned by Incas, indigenous people of the Andes, Shamans, & medicine people for spiritual purifying, energy cleansing & healing. Some of the most well-known Palo Santo uses include inspiring creativity, evoking protection, infusing blessings & bring both love & good fortune. It is a wonderful tool to use before & during meditation. Its uplifting scent helps to raise vibrations & bring a deeper connection to the Earth.

These Palo Santo Smoke Cleansing Chips are the perfect size to burn on your altar in small bowls, etc. The scent is wonderful & they burn well, giving off a perfect swirl of smoke to cleanse your altar space.

Incense of the Month: Myrrh

Myrrh Incense Cones
Myrrh is an intense & magical scent that is ancient & is perfect for using when calling upon the ancestors during the thinning of the veil or using during divination or pendulum work.

Herb of the Month: Spearmint

Believed to be sacred to the God Hades, the scent of mint brings a sense of pleasure, denoting success & bringing an aura of protection. Greek mythology connects mint with a water spirit named Minthe, who was transformed into the mint plant by either Persephone or Hades, depending on who is telling the story.

Often brewed into a tea, mint is an excellent remedy for all sorts of digestive distress. It is also of great assistance during cold & flu season. besides being antibacterial & antiviral, mint is also known to dry up excessive congestion in the head & lungs & help break a fever. Some have also reported using mint successfully to ease menstrual pain. Used externally, mint is both analgesic & anesthetic for a variety of ailments including headache, joint ailments, & bug bites.

Spearmint opens up the breath & heart chakra & revives the mind, restoring our ability to hope. It can be used to help dry up excess emotions & is beneficial for use during the grieving process. In ancient Greece, mint was used in funerary rites. Mint energy can be very helpful during karamic clearing ceremonies.

All varieties of mint are also strongly connected to prosperity. Spearmint specifically is the best for healing spells.

Stone of the Month: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli
Made from a combination of minerals, including Lazurite, Calcite, & Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli is said to have been in existence since the birth of time. This beautiful stone has been a favorite of both mystics, as well as royal families.

Among the many properties ascribed to Lapis Lazuli are the energy of deep calm & a strong connection to cosmic wisdom. A connection that helps one align with the universal quality of truth & integrity. Because of this connection, Lapis Lazuli is also believed to provide protection & shield the wearer from negative influences.

The water element of the stone helps to purify lower energies from one’s body & align it with the higher, healthier vibrations. The energy of Lapis Lazuli can also help a person become more aware of, & consequently easily access & express his or her own truth. Lapis Lazuli activates a life of more intelligence, success, & an unshakable inner balance & power.

This Lapis Lazuli is incredibly gorgeous! It is the most vibrant blue & contains a smattering of pyrite gold flecks within it. It feels heavy & calming in my hand & evokes a relaxing calm from its presence. It really is a quality piece!

Samhain Votive by Modern Magix

Samhain Votive
Incorporate this Samhain Votive on any altar or personal space to encourage communication through the veil & to honor loved ones who have passed.

Samhain Votive Top
Pumpkin Spice scented topped with allspice, nettle, mugwort, rosemary, & cloves.

This votive smells incredible! I adore it & it is perfect for autum & Samhain.


Gemstone Pendulum

Use for Pendulum Scrying during the thinning of the Veil.

Pendulum Long View
Pendulums are one of the easiest & quickest ways to perform divination. Pendulums have been used for centuries as means to divine the future & to find out answers to pressing questions that people would to have answers for.

Clarity Spray by Frequency

Clarity Spray
Feel the Vibrations around you… Breathe… Change the frequency!

Clarity Spray:
Clarity Essential Oil Blend: Water, Himalayan Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Essential Oil Blend (Spearmint, Lime, Rosemary, & Eucalyptus), Himalayan Saltwater & Rainbow Fluorite Stones.

The scent of this is intense & invigorating. It cleanses the air & sharpens the mind, readying you for divination, scrying & other spell work.
@FrequnecySpray on Instagram

Altar Cloth

Altar Cloth
This beautiful altar cloth is huge & has such a vibrant design that invokes autumn.

Altar Cloth Close Up
Book: Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials- Samhain: Rituals, Recipes, & Lore for Halloween

Book Cover
A Celebration of Harvest’s End & the Witch’s New Year

Samhain- Also known as Halloween- is the final spoke in the Wheel of the Year. At this time, the harvest has finished & the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. This guide shows you how to practice the serious work of divination & honoring the dead along with the more lighthearted activities of Halloween.

Rituals – Spells – Divination – Crafts – Correspondences – Invocations – Prayers – Meditations

All the books from the Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials series are full of such wonderful information & are a great read with loads of recipes, spells & everything you could possibly need to know about the Samhain holiday.

While I enjoyed the entirety of the Box of Shadow’s Supreme Samhain Box, I did however have a few standout favorites which were:

The Samhain book for it’s completely useful information & being such an enjoyable read, the Modern Magix Samhain Votive for its delicious pumpkin spice scent that evoked all things autumn, the gorgeous pendulum for the quality of the stone & the amazingly beautiful Lapis Lazuli for its incredible blue hue with gold speckles & incredible calming energy & aura.

I highly recommend Box of Shadows because they include such a fantastic array of items each month that help you celebrate the sabbats & more!

Everything Nice
It is incredibly amazing what they can fit into such magical little boxes each month! I am always impressed & delighted at the treasures found within!

I highly recommend Box of Shadows to anyone interested in rituals, crystals, candles & more. There really is something for everyone; whether you are a dabbling hippie, a novice witch, a practicing pagan or a powerful supreme, you’ll find all you need each month in Box of Shadows.

*A nice note about Box of Shadows is that you can feel good ordering from them knowing that they use Earth-Friendly Packaging, so Mother Gaia stays beautiful!

Use Code:  PICKLESOAPBOS to save 10% & get free shipping on your 1st box!

Subscription Information:

What’s Inside?

Once a box tier is selected, a box of mindfully curated supplies, tools, altar decor, & gifts is delivered to your doorstep every month!

Book of Shadows Box Tiers:

There are THREE separate Book of Shadows boxes you can choose from!

The Initiate:

Great for Beginners!

Starting at $19.99/month +Shipping
1 Bundle of 5 Undressed Candles
Incense of the Month
1 Smoke Cleansing Bundle
Herb of the Month (and/or)
Gemstone of the Month
Up to THREE (3) Surprise Items
Cancel Anytime

Never run out of your basic supplies.

The Priestess:

The Complete Worship Box!

Starting at $29.99/month +Shipping
1 Bundle of 5 Undressed Candles
Incense of the Month
1 Smoke Cleansing Bundle
Herb of the Month (and/or)
Gemstone of the Month
Up to FOUR (4) Surprise Items
Cancel Anytime

Consecrate your sacred altar space.

The Supreme:

Sabbat/Themed Box

Starting at $39.99/month +Shipping
1 Bundle of 5 Undressed Candles
Incense of the Month
1 Smoke Cleansing Bundle
Herb of the Month (AND)
Gemstone of the Month
Up to FIVE (5) Surprise Items
Cancel Anytime

The ONLY box option that contains books!

Box of Shadows ranges from $19.99- $39.99 depending on which tier you choose from + shipping.

Use Code:  PICKLESOAPBOS to save 10% & get free shipping on your 1st box!

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Checkout Box of Shadows at:






This box was provided to me for review. All opinions are honest & my own.



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