The Subscription Box Chronicles: Sabbat Box- The Samhain Box (October)

There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there & in my “The Subscription Box Chronicles” series I hope to showcase some of the more interesting boxes available & boxes that I enjoy that I have tried.

Today’s subscription box focuses on Sabbat Box- The Samhain Box (October)


Sabbat Box– a subscription box for Pagans, delivering unique Wiccan supplies & Pagan products each sabbat. Discover altar supplies, spell supplies, spell candles, divination tools, pagan books, incense, herbs, oils, crystals, jewelry, Pagan home décor & more, to enrich your spiritual path.

How Sabbat Box Works:

Step One: The concept for Sabbat Box is similar to other subscription box services out there. First, you sign up to join Sabbat Box. Pick a plan that is best for you. We offer “Sabbat to Sabbat plans” (your membership is renewed box to box), “Half Wheel Plans” (your membership renews every 4 boxes), or a “Wheel of the Year Plan” (your membership renews every 8 boxes). Save money by purchasing a Half Wheel plan or Wheel of the Year Plan.

Step Two: After you sign up for Sabbat Box, our team of curators will search for unique Pagan products to include within your box. Each box will contain an assortment of items, approximately 4-7 products (sometimes more), that are themed around each Sabbat. Sabbat Box is a service created by Pagans, for Pagans. Our curators have vast experience within the Pagan marketplace & will find the best items that will surely inspire you to live magically and further enrich your spiritual/magical practices.

Step Three: Sabbat Box will ship your specially curated box directly to you so you have it in time before each Sabbat. In fact, we schedule our boxes in a way that you will receive it 7-10 days before each Sabbat. This will give you plenty of time to discover the items within your Sabbat Box and put them to use how you wish. After you receive your box, you have the option of doing an unboxing video & share the video with us to get entered in to win our Super Sabbat Box Giveaway! Each Super Sabbat Giveaway Box is filled with even more magical products. We give one away each sabbat to Sabbat Box members!

By being a member of Sabbat Box, you will discover unique Pagan products to inspire you to celebrate the Wheel of the Year while helping to further enrich your spiritual path.

Assortment of items that you may find within your Sabbat Box are; spell supplies, spell candles, ritual tools, altar supplies, books on Witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism, crystals & gemstones, incense, tarot cards/runes/divination items, herbs, Pagan/witchy home decor, kitchen witch products, Pagan/new age themed bath & body products, & much, much more! Each box will contain 4-7 products (sometimes more), as well as an informational guide for the products included & information about the Sabbat.

This review is for the October/Samhain Sabbat Box:


Samhain occurs every year on the same day, October 31st. Some will celebrate Samhain from dawn of October 31st to dusk of November 1st.

There are many cultures that were known to observe the “final harvest”, typically when the first frost came, but it was the Druids & the ancient Celts who were the first to observe Samhain.  They considered Samhain one of the most important days of the year.

Samhain, also known as Allantide, All Hallow’s Eve or Halloween is one of the four cross-quarter sabbats located halfway between the Fall equinox (Mabon) & the Winter Solstice (Yule). Samhain (pronounced sow-wen), is a Gaelic word that means”summer’s end”. Samhain is considered a “fire festival”, & is the third & final harvest sabbat. Some Pagans consider Samhain to be the witches’ new year. It is also said that the veil between the living & the dead is at its thinnest during Samhain.

Samhain, the last of the three “harvest sabbats” is the time of the year where Pagans will honor their ancestors & those who have come before us. The veil between the planes is said to be at its thinnest, making this the perfect time for divination, divinatory magick, & “working” with the dead. Some will seek guidance from the departed, while others will feast from the final bounty of the earth. During Samhain, many Pagans will work protection magick to protect against malevolent entities flourishing about while the veil is thin. Samhain is also a great time to rid & banish what needs it, to protect what requires it, & to prepare for the dark & cold coming of the winter.

Box Synopsis

All of the items that we curated for you inside this box are geared towards, or will aid with…

Divination Work * Working Past The Veil * Protection Magick * Working w/ Higher Self * Assist With Samhain Rites, Spells, & Magick

“It is during “summer’s end”, on All Hallow’s Eve, (the witches’ new year), that we start to embrace the coming darkness. As the veil between the living & the dead fades, we call upon our ancestors & those who came before us, to guide us in the coming months, while honoring them during our rites. We honor the Earth for the final fruit that she bears, & reflect upon the sacrifices we had to make to get to where we are while prepping for the future. Though the future for certain may be unknown, & questions may arise, we as a cunning folk will use this time to work divination in effort to seek what may be coming our way.

When we as practitioners are presented with questions, or are heading into the unknown, we put our magick to the test, attempting to find the answers we need with divination, & we proceed to manifest the outcomes we desire with our own magickal pursuits. Divination is a practice that helps us to see our way forward as well as see where we have been. We use divinatory tools to intuit our place & to get our bearings of where we are on out path; it is a means to understand the conditions that surround us, while helping us to look within to make better choices that will ultimately make us most happy.

For this year’s Samhain Sabbat Box, we have turned our focus on curating a variety of items that may shine a light on the season’s darkening path– light not from the sky, but from ourselves. Since the magick & celebration of Samhain is versatile, & its significance often greater for most, we wanted to make sure that the items found within our flagship box were equally versatile in their use. On top of versatility, we have also curated items inside that go hand in hand with this sabbat in particular, tools to aid with parting the veil, protection magick, working with spirit guides, working with our higher selves, divination work & more.”

Miriam Jasper Crystal Pyramid Set w/ Bag & Info Card

Pyramid Bag

“Miriam Jasper, also known as calligraphy stone, Arabic stone, or script stone, is as beautiful as it is unique. This stone ironically isn’t a jasper. This stone is actually made up of fossilized shell, bone, & vegetation from an ancient lake that came under pressure when the Himalayas were forming. Known as a diviner’s stone, Miriam Jasper is said to carry protective qualities due to the hematite inside. It is also said to aid with automatic writing & accessing the akashic records during meditation. It is also known as “calligraphy stone” due to the flowing lines that run through the stone.”

The intricate details in this stone are mesmerizing & the tones are perfect for Samhain with its orangey burnt sienna & dark brownish black coloring.

Witches Sight- Wood Chambered Pendulum Kit w/ Herbs & Board

Bag of Tricks
Pendulum from Azure Green

This beautiful pendulum has a hidden inner chamber that unscrews from the base that you can fill with any herb of your choosing so that you can customize each divination session.

Pendulum Board

“One specific practice that goes hand in hand with Samhain is divination. Divination is “the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means”. Since it is to be believed that the “veil” between the living & the dead is at its thinnest on Samhain, many believe it to be an opportune time to communicate with spirit, ancestors, guides or loved ones. Inside each box is a wood chambered pendulum set that contains everything you need to work this simple, yet effective form of divination this Samhain.”

Witches Sight Herbs


Pendulum and Board
The Crow- Hand Crafted Reiki Charged Anointing Balm

The Crow in Bag
“This hand crafted Reiki charged anointing balm from FOG is the perfect ritual tool to incorporate into your Samhain celebrations. Made with a divine blend of wild crafted dark aged patchouli, organic clary sage, organic cold pressed jojoba oil, & beeswax, The Crow anointing balm is ideal to use in combination with shadow work, divination, animal totem work, shamanic journeying, crossing the hedge, transmutation work, and more. The Crow is a sentinel of the dark. It carries mysteries & secrets into the light of day, revealing that our spirit is everywhere. The crow allows us to step into the shadows & walk between the worlds at will, making this also ideal to incorporate into channeling work, & working with the dead as well.”

The Crow Closed
Crystals infused in the Crow:

Merlinite: self-mastery + magick, integration of shadow self, protection from negative energy, past life recall, psychic, & intuitive understanding.

Labradorite: awakens + enhances magick, allows passage between worlds, strengthens intuition, connection to guides, reveals the unknown, & psychic protection.

The Crow Open
This balm smells so amazing! You can smell each beautiful essential oil used in it & combined they create the most mystical aroma that awakens the senses. It reminds me of something a forest nymph would wear. I love it!

Located in southeast PA, FOG was started by Bryanna back in 2014. FOG is a ritual apothecary specializing in anointing balms & crystal essences that are made with organic, wild crafted & local ingredients.

Sacred Fog

Use Coupon Code “samhain” to receive 15% off your next order at

Anointed + Charged Samhain Beeswax Ritual Candle
By Lailokens Awen *

Wrapped Candle
“This deep, dark black beeswax Samhain candle from Lailoken’s Awen was custom-made specifically for this year’s Samhain Sabbat Box. Each candle comes ritually charged & pre-anointed with Lailokens potent Samhain ritual oil within, ready to be used in combination with your own spiritual workings this Samhain. This versatile candle is perfect to be used on an ancestor altar to honor departed loved ones, & those who came before us; it would make a divine candle to use in combination with scrying or when working in divination, or use it simply to illuminate your altar or sacred space with subtle light.”

This hand-rolled beeswax candle is a perfect size & shape for my altar space. I truly love the look of the label even! The quality of the candle is beyond gorgeous!

Lailokens Awen

Palmistry Hand Statuary w/ Information Book + Instructions
From Eclectic Artisans *

Palm Kit
“This beautifully detailed palmistry hand statuary is the perfect resource to get you started in learning about the art of chiromancy (a.k.a. Palm Reading), a method of divination. Divination is such a valuable tool that we use to assist us on our spiritual journeys. It helps us to gain a deeper understanding of our inner selves, & provides us with valuable insight that assists us with our day-to-day lives. Our goal in curating this set is to help expand your choices & broaden your knowledge when it comes to working divination & your “higher self”.”

I have always wanted to learn Palmistry- it has interested me for years but I never knew what books to get or how to go about starting it really. With this kit though, you can really jump straight into learning the ins & outs of Palmistry in your own home. The Booklet that comes with this beautifully stunning statuette while small, is incredibly packed full with a wealth of information guiding you to unlock all the wonders of this amazing art.
When not using the statuary, it looks lovely on my altar space/desk with all my crystals surrounding it. It’s a great little art piece, as well as a helpful learning tool!

Palm and Book

Eclectic Artisans

Hand Blended Herb Infused- Witch’s Circle Water
By The Vodou Store *

Witch Water
“Made up of a potent blend of consecrated water, salt, lavender, rosemary, patchouli, & a few other secret proprietary ingredients. The Witch’s Circle Water by The Voudo Store was made to help strengthen & add extra protection to your circle, fast. Sprinkle it around your altar, temple, or sacred space, as well as along the perimeter of your circle to ensure that no negative energy interrupts the intent of your magickal working. Witch’s water incorporates the traditional method of spreading salt & protective herbs around your circle, but in a quick & convenient way. This particular concoction works very well for outdoor rituals or workings. Witch’s Circle water can also be used as an individual spell component when working protection magick as well.”

Located in Chicago, Il., The Voudo Store was started back in 2010 by Docteur Caeli & Hellfurian Liontari. The Voudo Store specializes in items related to Haitian Voudo, hoodoo, conjure & witchcraft. Their proprietary line of baths, incense, conjure rubs, dirts, sachet powders, gris gris, colognes, oils, & more, are meticulously hand crafted staying true to the religions they know & have experienced.

This Witch’s Circle Water has the most intoxicatingly, deep Earthy scent. It seems powerful & perfect for use in protection spells amongst others.

The Vodou Store

I truly loved everything in the box, it was hard to pick favorites. Standouts were the Palmistry Kit (I have always wanted to learn Palmistry!), the Witch’s Circle Water for how nice quality it was, the Miriam Jasper Pyramid for the beauty of it & intense vibrations, & the Samhain Candle.


I highly recommend The Sabbat Box for any lover of witchcraft, nature, mediation, spellwork, riutals, etc. Whether you’re a novice or a supreme, Sabbat Box has you covered. They include such helpful information with what they include. It’s one of the very best witch-themed boxes out there in subscription boxes right now.

You can feel great when you subscribe to Sabbat Box not only knowing you will be certain to receive a wonderful variety of perfectly curated items each month, but also for the fact that Sabbat Box uses artisan & hand-crafted products from small Pagan-Owned businesses in all of their boxes. They showcase so many artistic shops & products! You’re always bound to find something unique in your box each month!

Use Coupon Code: “MAGICK15” to save 15% off your next purchase at The Sabbat Box Store. Expires Nov. 1st. 

Checkout Sabbat Box at:








This box was provided to me for review. All opinions are honest & my own.



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