The Subscription Box Chronicles: Spirit Trading Company- Free Spirit Kit- October

There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there & in my “The Subscription Box Chronicles” series I hope to showcase some of the more interesting boxes available & boxes that I enjoy that I have tried.

Today’s subscription box focuses on: Spirit Trading Company- Free Spirit Kit- October

Logo Nice


Our Roots:

We are a bohemian collective of world travelers & free-spirits who are artists, artisans, creators, producers & visionaries that love, respect, & celebrate Mother Earth. We love global adventure & the endless gifts provided by Mother Nature.

We embrace time-honored teachings handed down by generations ranging from our Grandmothers & the Farmer’s Almanac, to Native American & other sacred wisdoms & ritual. Our seeds germinate from love & respect for one another and our special place in the Universe, & are planted with beliefs of simple, nature-driven wellness.

Our Intention:

We are in love with the Earth & align our dreams with the seasonal dance of the Sun, Moon & Stars. Our dream is to honor, commemorate & celebrate time-honored traditions from the pantheon of peaceful spiritual practices.

We embrace the Moon and all of her cycles & commemorate her quiet power to rule the tides. We go with the ebb & flow of life to create & curate monthly subscription boxes that honor each individual’s unique sense of spirit, with a dash of sparkle on the side. Our aim is to provide soul-nourishing gifts that act as a monthly toolkit to support you on the unfolding of your personal journey.

Our Promise:

  • To curate each box with love & pure intention.
  • To create a high-vibe tribe of like-minded, adventure seeking & Earth loving visionaries, with whom we share dreams and ideas.
  • To ignite our collective spirits to soar as a community.
  • To ground our intentions in self-love, nature, & beauty.
  • To balance energies with gifts borne from Mother Earth.
  • To bring our adventurous spirit to your door every month.
  • To practice gratitude for all of the lessons &  blessings bestowed upon us for our journey.
  • Join Our Tribe:Every month, we cultivate spirit with mindful celebration. Each Spirit Kit is lovingly curated to offer ritual, reflection, relaxation, self-love and care, alongside a heaping dose of positive energy. We are divinely guided & endlessly in awe of the boundless gifts borne from Mother Earth & feel blessed to deliver the gifts of her bounty to your home or office.

    Free US/Domestic Shipping. For External US Territories & International Shipping, Standard Rates Will Apply.

    Whether you prefer to create your own ritual with the gifts within your monthly kit, or prefer our Spirit Guides to lead you, each Spirit Kit also includes keepsake totem cards for enjoying the monthly theme of the kit, crystals energy cards, & information on the benefits of the scents that have been chosen. Everything you need to Lift Your Spirit is included!

    What’s in the Box?
    Each monthly box is filled with delights for sense & spirit! Indulge in hand-crafted, artisan candles programmed for each moon; crystals selected to support each moon-phase; small batch, gem infused, aromatherapy blends created for clearing &  revitalization; soul-filled ritual practices; &  other inspired gifts to support the blossoming of your own individual path.

    Info Card
    Artisanal, hand-crafted, aromatherapy, spirit candles blended with love &  intention on the New Moon for use on the Full Moon.
    Crystals: Curated by the strength of the moon, cleansed, blessed & empowered to bring dreams to reality.
    Aromoatherapy: Hand-crafted monthly to support ritual & your transformational journey of spirit.
    Relaxation: Hand-blended bath salts, scrubs, & soaps to cleanse spirit &  rejuvenate your soul.
    Ritual: Individually designed ritual bundles to support the adventure unfolding.

    Gift of Spirit: We love nothing more than giving (and receiving!) a beautiful, intentional surprise. So we’ll be creating at least one for every box!

    Box Upclose View
    This box was packed to the brim with all one would need to sit, meditate & relax. From a gorgeous candle, essential oil, white sage sea salt, body scrub, crystals, jewelry & more, it has all facets of the senses covered.

    Free Spirit Card
    Let’s take a closer look at the contents of this box, shall we?

    All of it
    Inside the box were five cards that had tons of helpful information about many of the items inside the box, they are so pretty! You will see them as you scroll down with the item they accompany.

    Limited Edition Eclipse White Sage & Sea Salt Crystal Infused for Clearing Soy Candle

    This refreshingly sagey & zesty candle has a beautiful sage aroma that cleanses your meditative space & allows you to breathe in deep & feel refreshed. It’s a wonderful 6 oz. sized handcrafted soy candle with a cotton wick made in Santa Barbara, California that comes in a lovely tin with a lid so that you can keep it clean & free of dust when not in use.

    Super Charge Crystal Charge Kit- White Sage Sea Salt

    Apothecary Open
    This lovely magical salt mixture is to help charge your crystals. You put a small amount of it in lukewarm water with your crystals & place it under the light of a full moon for three evenings.

    Free Spirit Body Scrub- White Sage & Lavender, Verbena & Sea Salt, Frankincense & Jojoba Oil

    This wonderful body scrub ignites the senses with the verbena aroma & awakens the soul. It feels incredibly luxurious on & leaves skin feeling moisturized & lightly scented.

    Rainbow Card
    Free Spirit Essential Oil Elixir- White Sage & Lavender, Verbena & Frankincense & Jojoba Oil

    This is the same gorgeous scent that the body scrub is scented with, so I love it! You can place it on your pulse points, dress candles with it, etc. It’s a really beautiful fragrance.

    Beautiful Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) Aromatherapy Bracelet

    Baggie of Treasure
    This pretty bracelet comes with two lava beads that are used to place some essential oil on to scent your surroundings. You can bring a bit of peace with you wherever you go.

    White Sage & Abalone Shell

    White Sage Bag

    White Sage w Card
    This pretty & useful sage kit comes in a burlap-style drawstring bag that is filled with pure dried white sage & a small abalone shell to burn it in. It is small but effective & smells incredible! It is perfect for bringing about positive energy & readying your space for meditation, rituals & the like.


    Card and Crystal Trio

    Carnelian Card
    This tiny & mighty piece of tumbled Carnelian is a beautiful orange that makes me think of all things autumn. It has an energizing energy.


    Selenite Card
    Selenite is becoming a stone I am really starting to love. It is one of the few stones in the crystal world that doesn’t need cleansing- it cleanses all crystals! Such a deeply magical stone to work with. This stick is a very nice specimen.


    Quartz Heart Necklace

    Quartz Card
    This lovely piece of quartz comes to you in the shape of a heart & is worn as a necklace. It will bring you clarity & alignment in times of low energy or negativity. A very special piece to have!

    Everything Alligned
    A few of my standout favorites below included: The White Sage & Abalone Shell because the scent was so powerful & the quality of the sage itself is one of the best I’ve used so far! Plus, there was a ton of it! I didn’t picture all of it that was inside the drawstring bag, but I assure you it was filled to the brim with a very generous amount. The crystals were all beautiful & had powerful energy & vibrations coming off of them. They look lovely at home on my altar space. The quartz necklace is so pretty to wear too!

    Beautiful Faves
    I adored everything in this box from Spirit Trading Co. It was incredible to open & included such a wonderful variety of beautiful meditative items that are useful, pretty & special to keep on my altar space. It is a kit full of positivity & relaxation. I highly recommend it!

    Free Spirit Kit
    Full / Luxury Size

    6+ Spirit Ritual Items
    1 Spirit Ritual Bundle
    1 Spirit Luxury Crystal/Aromatherapy Candle (Glass; 40 – 60 Hrs Burn Time), or an Exquisite Elixir
    1 Spirit Indulgence for Mind, Body, &/or Spirit
    1-3 Empowered & Spirited Crystals
    1 Gift of Divine Spirit
    1 Monthly Moon Spirit Attunement
    Free US/Domestic Shipping
    For External US Territories & International Shipping, Standard Rates Will Apply

    Gypsy Spirit Kit
    Travel Size

    4 – 5 Spirit Ritual Items
    1 Spirit Ritual Bundle
    1 Spirit Crystal/Aromatherapy Travel Candle (Tin; 15 – 20 Hrs Burn Time), or an Exquisite Elixir
    1-2 Empowered & Spirited Crystals
    1 Gift of Divine Spirit
    1 Monthly Moon Spirit Attunement
    Free US/Domestic Shipping
    For External US Territories & International Shipping, Standard Rates Will Apply $44.00

     * Use Coupon Code “FREESPIRIT10” when you checkout to receive 10% off your 1st Monthly Kit!

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