The Subscription Box Chronicles: The Witches Box- December Sacred Dream Realm Box 2017

There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there & in my “The Subscription Box Chronicles” series I hope to showcase some of the more interesting boxes available & boxes that I enjoy that I have tried.

Today’s subscription box focuses on: The Witches Box- December Sacred Dream Realm Box 2017


“Every witch needs her magical tools.
So let’s gather, whisper incantations into the slipstream & conjure up that which desires to exist. In the heart of magic is intention, the body & the energy that runs through you. The truth is that we don’t need any tools to wield our magic in the world. We are manifesting every minute of every day.
We also know that it’s our tools that pull our attention, mind, body & soul into that one specific vibration that creates transformation within ourselves. This is magical & energic truth. It’s the way of the Witch, whether you are a practicing eclectic, kitchen, Dianic, Druidic or any of the other flavors of witchcraft.
Our ritual tools & Book of Shadows helps us carve out the path we forge in this life as magical beings & practitioners.
The Witches Box not only serves as a means to keep you well supplied with the magical & transformational tools you need at your altar, it also seeks to teach & amplify the reach of your craft over the course of time.

The Witches Box

Each month, the box will contain:

A specific focus on a type of working or aspect of witchcraft (i.e. cleansing, manifestation, spell craft, healing, divination, Solstices, deities, etc).
A broad selection of altar & ritual tools that address that specific working or aspect of witchcraft for that month.
Quality crafted tools that can be used & also passed down for generations.
Gorgeously designed Book Of Shadow pages that you can then take & place in a book of your own. Over time you’ll have gathered a repository of magic & personal transformation that becomes invaluable in a magically lived life.

What’s Inside The Box?

Each month your Witches Box will come with carefully curated high quality magical items & Book of Shadow pages that focus on a specific aspect of witchcraft. Each month will focus on a specific theme & will address the following:

Cleansing Spaces
Protection Spells
Love Spells
Each of the Sabbats
Sigil Magic
Herbal Witchery
Lunar Magic
& more…

An announcement will be sent out via the Newsletter each month to let you know what box will be coming up in the following month.”

I cannot even express how amazed at this box I was! This is hands down one of my favorite witch box subscriptions I’ve tried yet! The attention to detail, the beautiful Book of Shadows pages, the incredible theme & high-quality, gorgeous items within this box made it truly something special & exciting to open.

The theme for the month of December is Sacred Dream Realm & it included everything one would need to manifest your dreams in the still of the approaching winter solstice. The Witches Box is so lovingly curated by Elena that you truly can feel the magic & good intentions of each of the items hand-crafted & /or chosen that are included in each box. From the little beautiful touches of fragrant, dried rose petals, to gorgeous keepsake Book of Shadows pages, hand-made sachets & so much more you can honestly feel the mystical dreamy aura radiating from this box! The box itself just oozes with positivity in all forms.

Look at how lovely the dried rose petals are on the top of the tissue paper when you open the box?! I collect them up & place them in a sachet to keep since they are so lovely & fragrant, especially in the midst of winter.

These seemingly tiny details are what makes this box especially wonderful to open. You can really feel the care & intent as you unveil each layer.

Inside Box
These were all the items in this month’s box. Let’s take a closer look at each, shall we?

All of it Nice
Rustic Leather Bound Dream Journal

Beautiful Journal
This old-world looking, well-made journal is perfect for recollecting your dreams into each cozy winter night. The cover has the most beautiful blue Lapis stone on it with a claw lock closure to keep all your dreams contained.

Just look at all the gorgeous details embossed onto the leather. The paper inside is plain & heavy for inks of all sorts where it won’t bleed through.

Dream Journal
I have a few other leather magical journals similar to this one, but this one has a whole different look & feel to it, where it truly stands out as a special treasured keepsake. The added touch of the Lapis crystal really makes it a stunner.

Mugwort Dream Sachet with a Charged Selenite Wand

Mugwort Sachet Up Close
The creator of The Witches Box, Elena; hand-made these lovely mugwort sachets. Just look at the detail & care that was put into their creation! The Mugwort & Selenite Wand will help to aid your dreaming. When placed by your bedside it can help facilitate psychic dreams. The Manzanita wood helps guide & protect you in your dream state.

Mugwort Dream Sachet
Book of Shadows Pages

Beautiful Book of Shadows Pages
The details of these Book of Shadows pages are astounding in their beauty & wonderful for their in-depth information. Sometimes in some other subscription boxes you get throw-away type pamphlets & things of that nature but these are so special that you want to keep them. They radiate a magical vibe & the paper the are on is sturdy, thick, & special feeling. I even love the fonts & colors of each page, let alone of course the wealth of information.

Protection Spell with Iron Nail & 7 in. Red Thread

Iron Nail
This Iron Nail & 7 inch Red Thread are included to aid you in your Protection Spell. When you dream, you’re psychically open & are more vulnerable to uninvited influences & entities that might have disruption or mischief in mind. This powerful spell & included items help to ward off against all unwanted energies & allows you to have your peaceful slumber & prophetic dreams.

Ioron Nail for Protection Spell
A closer look above at the Iron Nail & Thread for the Protection Spell.

Witches Box Dream Realm Tea Blend with corresponding Book of Shadows Page

Tea Ritual Set
This lovingly handmade magickal Dream Realm tea blend by Elena smells & tastes divine! The bag is huge & will last & last! The tea includes Mugwort which enhances visions & psychic & prophetic dreaming. Chamomile to help relax & ease you into sleep. Rose which adds a vibration of beauty, love & peace to your winter slumber. And lastly, Cinnamon, for psychic development.

I truly can’t express to you how wonderful this tea blend is! If only I could make you a cup!

Close Up of Tea
Look at how pretty the tea is above!

A Tea Pincer to Steep & Strain your Tea

Tea Strainer
Elena included all you’d need to do your Sacred Dream Realm Tea Ritual straight out of the box!

The Box of Shadows page that was included tells you all about the tea, & has a detailed ritual to help guide you in the dream realm.

Hand Dipped Rose Incense

Rose Incense
I find I’m often not one for incense because I find it too stimulating sometimes or too fragrant or it can even make me quite sneezy; but this amazing hand dipped Rose Incense made by Elena is simply perfection! It literally smells like a rose; I mean just smell the most beautiful rose ever in the midst of a summer bloom & this is what you have in incense form. It is not cloying, overpowering or anything of the sort. It has a magical air to it that makes you think of all things beautiful, dreamy & loving. You can smell the incense wafting out of the box even before you’ve opened it. I love them so much!

Book of Shadows Page for Dream Work

(Not pictured)

I didn’t take a close up of each individual Book of Shadows page this time; I feel my pictures didn’t them justice- I couldn’t get my lighting right! Forgive me. I assure you though that each page was & is a treasured wealth of information & they will remain keepsakes in my own Book of Shadows for many years to come.

There is something beyond magical about The Witches Box. I have reviewed many a wonderful magical witchy box from other companies & find each box has its own distinctive vibe & aura. The Witches Box is quickly becoming a standout favorite for me. You can really feel all the love & thoughtfulness that goes into the creation of each one, from the concept. theme & the treasures within each box. Unveiling them when one arrives on your doorstep is somewhat of an experience in of itself. You feel something deep & mystical as you go through each item & the Book of Shadows pages offer wisdom that is priceless.

I truly adored everything in the box but here were my standouts below:

The dream journal was something to behold in its beauty. I can’t get over all the detail in the cover, my favorite being the Lapis stone. It just adds such a special quality to it. The Mugwort Dream Sachet has already helped to aid my dreams next to my bedside. I really love the look of it too. The Selenite is a pretty little touch. I’m always a sucker for crystals! The Iron Nail & Red Thread along with their Protection Spell will help to ward off any potential nightmares & such helping me to manage my dreams with positivity & love.

I highly recommend this subscription box from The Witches Box. You shouldn’t be disappointed, I certainly haven’t been yet & am always so thrilled to see what the next month’s theme will be. Until next time!

Sweet Dreams!

All of it Nice
North American Subscribers

$60/month, shipping FREE

International Subscribers

(OUTSIDE of the US/Mexico/Canada)
$60/month + $23 shipping

Boxes ship on the 1st of each month. For those in North America, it can take up to 7 working days. For those abroad, it can take a couple of weeks. You’ll get a tracking number.

Checkout The Witches Box at:








This box was provided to me for review. All opinions are honest & my own.


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