The Subscription Box Chronicles: Sabbat Box- The Yule Box (December)

There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there & in my “The Subscription Box Chronicles” series I hope to showcase some of the more interesting boxes available & boxes that I enjoy that I have tried.

Today’s subscription box focuses on Sabbat Box-The Yule Box (December)

Sabbat Box Logo

Sabbat Box– a subscription box for Pagans, delivering unique Wiccan supplies & Pagan products each sabbat. Discover altar supplies, spell supplies, spell candles, divination tools, pagan books, incense, herbs, oils, crystals, jewelry, Pagan home décor & more, to enrich your spiritual path.

How Sabbat Box Works:

Step One: The concept for Sabbat Box is similar to other subscription box services out there. First, you sign up to join Sabbat Box. Pick a plan that is best for you. We offer “Sabbat to Sabbat plans” (your membership is renewed box to box), “Half Wheel Plans” (your membership renews every 4 boxes), or a “Wheel of the Year Plan” (your membership renews every 8 boxes). Save money by purchasing a Half Wheel plan or Wheel of the Year Plan.

Step Two: After you sign up for Sabbat Box, our team of curators will search for unique Pagan products to include within your box. Each box will contain an assortment of items, approximately 4-7 products (sometimes more), that are themed around each Sabbat. Sabbat Box is a service created by Pagans, for Pagans. Our curators have vast experience within the Pagan marketplace & will find the best items that will surely inspire you to live magically and further enrich your spiritual/magical practices.

Step Three: Sabbat Box will ship your specially curated box directly to you so you have it in time before each Sabbat. In fact, we schedule our boxes in a way that you will receive it 7-10 days before each Sabbat. This will give you plenty of time to discover the items within your Sabbat Box and put them to use how you wish. After you receive your box, you have the option of doing an unboxing video & share the video with us to get entered in to win our Super Sabbat Box Giveaway! Each Super Sabbat Giveaway Box is filled with even more magical products. We give one away each sabbat to Sabbat Box members!

By being a member of Sabbat Box, you will discover unique Pagan products to inspire you to celebrate the Wheel of the Year while helping to further enrich your spiritual path.

Assortment of items that you may find within your Sabbat Box are; spell supplies, spell candles, ritual tools, altar supplies, books on Witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism, crystals & gemstones, incense, tarot cards/runes/divination items, herbs, Pagan/witchy home decor, kitchen witch products, Pagan/new age themed bath & body products, & much, much more! Each box will contain 4-7 products (sometimes more), as well as an informational guide for the products included & information about the Sabbat.

This review is for the December/Yule Sabbat Box. Just look at all the beautiful tidings nestled into this box! Everything you need to usher in Yule & the New Year!

Everything in thr Box

The Winter Solstice is December 21, 2017- the exact time varies depending on your location & te day can change slightly from year to year.

Some historians believe that the various pagan cultures of Northern Europe (the Celts, the Druids & the Norse) were some of the first to observe the Winter Solstice. Many other cultures like the Greeks, Egyptians & Asian cultures observed similar events as well.

The Winter Solstice, also known as “Midwinter”, as well as “Yule”, is the shortest day of the year with the least amount of sunlight. This also means Midwinter has the longest night of the year. The Winter Solstice marks the final day of the waning light of the sun. The length at which the light of the sun shines each day will slowly increase day by day from this point forward, until we reach Midsummer (the longest day of the year). The Winter Solstice also marks the first “official” day of winter as well.

The Winter Solstice is the time of year to celebrate the cycles of life, death & rebirth. As the season turned towards winter, our ancestors would take this time to look inward & reflect upon many sacrifices that had to be made in order to survive through the harsh cold. The Sabbat of Yule is considered a “fire festival”, & the fires that we light are representative of the sun that will soon return again. Many Pagans will use this time to embrace “The Wheel of the Year”, & the natural recurring cycles of life, death & rebirth. Yule marks a perfect time to work magick pertaining to new beginnings, protection, wisdom, sacrifice & plan for the new year to come.

Let’s take a closer look at all the contents of this box, shall we?

The Horned Lord Parchment/Book of Shadows Page
by Azure Green *

(Not pictured- sorry my lighting made it so I couldn’t get a clear pic of this item)

“This lovely Horned Lord parchment by Azure green celebrates the Horned Lord with a prayer written by Travis Bowman beneath an intricate design of two horns springing from a pentagram as illustrated by Eliot Alexander. In modern Neopaganism & within Wicca, the divine masculine (also known as the horned God, Cernunnos, Jack the Green, The Greenman or just simply “The God”) is born from the Goddess each year during the Winter Solstice. Symbolically, he is “the sun” & a personification of the light that bears life. Recite this prayer when working with the divine masculine or during your Yule rites.”

Tidings of Good Karma & Joy- Solstice Simmer Pot Herbs
by House of Good Juju

“These Tidings of Good Karma & Joy Simmer pots by House of Good Juju contain a special blend of 14 divinely aromatic herbs & stones (Quartz & Carnelian) that were specially chosen to help empower you magickally with their corresponding spiritual properties during your winter solstice rites, while also filling your home & sacred space with an enchanted aroma.

HoGjj open diamond
Located in Utah, House of Good Juju has been creating spiritual supplies for you & your home since 2014. Offering everything to protect, bless, cleanse & bring abundance.”

This beautiful variety of aromatic herbs was truly remarkable in how it smelled like every wonderful holiday memory I’ve ever had! It brought nostalgia for me as well as tidings of good cheer for making new memories in my life. I loved the Carnelian & Quartz crystals included. Pretty little crystal talismans to keep! Plus, it all came in a delightful keepsake tin. I even adore the House of Good Juju logo so much!

Authentic- Custom Made Bayberry Wax Votive Spell Candle
Custom Made for Sabbat Box by: “Buy A Candle”

Candle Box
“There is an old tradition surrounding bayberries & the winter season that stems back to the first American settlers. When they first arrived here, everything revolved around survival. During winter, the most important goods where in short supply (including candles). At this point in time, candles were made of tallow (animal fat), which had a terrible smell, didn’t burn well & could become rancid. In order to have enough food to make it through the winter, most livestock would’ve been slaughtered for their meat, which caused tallow shortages. Not long after arriving, colonists discovered that the abundant bayberries they found could be boiled down to a cleaner, better smelling wax, which they made candles from. It takes 15 lbs. of berries to make 1 lb. of wax, which is very labor intensive, making the wax costly. It was a sign of good luck & prosperity if one could afford such a luxury that it quickly became tradition to burn them to bring about such luck. The old saying goes, “For a bayberry candle burned to the socket, brings joy to the heart & gold to the pocket”. “

Candle and Box
The scent on this Bayberry Votive Candle is so lovely. It’s not too much or overpowering. It has such a pretty scent that makes me think of winter. It’s perfect for Yule. Even the evergreen shade the wax is wonderful.

Hand Blended- Essential Oil Infused “Positivity Spray”
by Frequency

Frequency Spray
“Often times during the holidays it can be easy to become overwhelmed & stressed. As we are cooped up inside over extended periods of time during the winter, stagnant & negative energies tend to accumulate effecting our well-being. To help combat those winter blues, we decided to include a bottle of this uplifting Positivity Spray by Frequency. Each spray contains pure essential oils corresponding to positivity, peace, tranquility, & protection. When sprayed, you will feel the vibration around you change.”

Located in Largo, Florida, Frequency was started by Heather & sells a wide range of spiritual aromatherapy items such as sprays, soaps, oils & more.

This spray is amazing! It completely awakens ones senses & energizes your very being. It’s positivity in a spray form. With one spritz, you can feel how lively & alert it makes you. The Peppermint wakes you up & the Lemon Grass scent energizes you.

Hand Tooled- Coptic Bound Leather Pentacle Blank Book
from Eclectic Artisans-

Front of Journal
“For this year’s Yule Sabbat Box wanted to offer each of their members a very special gift that could be used long after the sabbat has passed, to help further inspire & to assist you (both magically or mundanely) for years to come. We chose to include this amazing leather book. Each book comes coptic bound (this means it will lay flat when writing or reading in it) making it great to use as a personal journal or a magickal grimoire, & each book comes with 240 pages of handmade paper & a durable metal latch.”

Back of Journal
I adore this journal so much! Not only is it gorgeous- from the detailed leather work to the antique-looking magical lock but also the feel of the paper inside & the fact that it is coptic bound makes it lay flat for such easy writing. You don’t have to fight it to lay flat like some other journals out there to write in. It’s great! I love the Tree of Life on the back cover!

Hand Crafted & Sewn Spiral Goddess of Yule Tree Ornament
by Michelle’s Sewing & Embroidery
Facebook @Michelle’s Sewing & Embroidery

Goddess in bag
“The Spiral Goddess os a much beloved & cherished symbol within the craft because of all that she represents. She is the bearer of life, she is the essence of nature, she is the moon, she is the Earth, she is the great mother, the divine feminine- she, IS. This unique custom-made Yule Tree Ornament by Michell’s Sewing & Embroidery will add a magickal addition to your Yule tree decor while honoring & bearing reverence to the very essence of the divine feminine.”

Goddess Ornament
Michelle, the founder of Michelle’s Sewing & Embroidery has had a life long passion for sewing. Located in Kentucky, when she isn’t working as a sewing instructor & educator, she enjoys putting her skills to work by taking on custom orders & special projects through her business.

This is such a special item! The colors used in it are Christmas/Yule inspired for sure. It hangs perfectly on the tree.

Cycles of the Year- Moon Calender
by Deva Designs

Cycles of the Year

“This handy pocket guide references the dates of the 2018 moon phases, solstices & equinoxes in a unique way.”

This handy pocket moon phase calender is perfect for placing in our pocket, wallet or purse so that you will always know when & which phase the moon will be in.

Box Synopsis

Yuletide Gift Giving, Prosperity Magick, Help manifest prosperity & positive energy, Adding a hint of magick to your Yule tree.

“As the Wheel of the year turns to its darkest point– the winter solstice– our Pagan ancestors would anticipate a moment of light in the midst of that darkness, which came in the observance & celebration of Yule. It is during this sabbat that we take time to reflect on the cynical nature of life & death, beginning & end. This was a difficult period of the year for our ancestors, & Yule (aka the Winter Solstice) marked an important turning point of the year where the light of the sun would be slowly reign dominance again over the darkness of winter. This meant that the Earth would soon awaken from that darkness & the life-bearing warmth of spring was soon to return once again.

From this particularly harsh time of the year sprung lore & archetypal stories explaining the season, such as that of the Holly King & the Oak King. “The death & rebirth of the “Lord” & the diminishment of the Oak King & his temporary reign as the Holly King until, “spring” perfecting represents the cycles & transitions of the season from dark to light, this is just one of stories that symbolized such.

Outside activity is often limited for many of us at this time of year, & it can be sometimes difficult to connect with our environments the cold & snow limit our natural actions. But this limitation also can be positive. While we bunker down in our warm homes & huddle near the hearth, we have time to reflect on what is to come, as well as what we want to achieve & accomplish for the year ahead. Even our secular calendars show the turn of time, & we ruminate on New Year’s resolutions& successes & failures we’ve experienced over the last twelve months.

It is this spirit of refection & rumination that we have focused in on for this Yule’s Sabbat Box. We have collected a selection of items that can be utilized while we examine the past & look towards the future. Our midwinter musings can help portray a time to focus power & intent toward what we want out of our lives & which paths to take.

We hope you can find comfort in this year’s offerings & take advantage of the time spent keeping warm. We hope you have a warm & joyful winter with your loved ones, but we also hope you may have the time to look inward & connect with your inner will & power, for it is the key to bringing forth the positive & prosperity changes we all desire each new year.”

Everything laid out
I highly recommend The Sabbat Box for any lover of witchcraft, nature, mediation, spellwork, rituals, etc. Whether you’re a novice or a supreme, Sabbat Box has you covered. They include such helpful information with what they include. It’s one of the very best witch-themed boxes out there in subscription boxes right now.

I loved everything in the box; here were my standouts:

The Journal is just something to behold with how grand it is. The detail in the leather work of the cover & back is extremely detailed. I also love that it lays flat when you write in it. The House of Good Juju Tidings of Good Karma & Joy Simmer Pot Herbs is amazing for how good it smells! It literally is Yule/Christmas & Holidays wrapped up into a beautiful little tin full of treasures. The Bayberry Yule Votive Candle is equally as lovely smelling. It fills the home with a wonderful ambiance & feeling. The Goddess of Yule Tree Ornament is well-made & so vibrant in color- it really pops on my Christmas tree!

You can feel great when you subscribe to Sabbat Box not only knowing you will be certain to receive a wonderful variety of perfectly curated items each month, but also for the fact that Sabbat Box uses artisan & hand-crafted products from small Pagan-Owned businesses in all of their boxes. They showcase so many artistic shops & products! You’re always bound to find something unique in your box each month!

Everything Nice

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Sabbat Box Logo

Checkout Sabbat Box at:








This box was provided to me for review. All opinions are honest & my own.


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