The Subscription Box Chronicles: Reckless Reader Tarot- December

There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there & in my “The Subscription Box Chronicles” series I hope to showcase some of the more interesting boxes available & boxes that I enjoy that I have tried.

Today’s subscription box focuses on: TarotBox by Reckless Reader Tarot- December


A different Tarot experience each month with custom curated items to complement the featured tarot deck perfectly.

Below is a bit about the creator of the TarotBox, Sherry Padilla.

“The makings of a Reckless Reader

I have always had a Tarot deck since I was a teenager and have always been creating and designing something, somewhere. Sometimes life got in the way and both took a back seat. In the past 5 years is when I really got the chance and stepped out of my comfort zone and went full speed ahead with Tarot. I really enjoyed what I found and not too long after that I created my business and became The Reckless Reader. I had already had an Etsy shop open, Reckless ReRuns, so reckless seemed comfortable. For those who know me well my sense of humor and personality can be a little off beat, even quirky at times but introverted. Being able to create brings out that quirky side. Then when you add Tarot to the mix, watch out! I love color and texture. I love to reclaim materials and do something special with them, you may say even reckless. I jump from one inspiration to another sometimes without looking back. The materials I find often dictate the next projects I do.

I am a Tarot card reader. I also sell Tarot decks, my handmade wares and do card readings at fairs and events. I love to talk to people who are on their spiritual journey. All the people I have crossed paths with give me inspiration to keep on my journey. Having two teenagers I need all the inspiration I can get!

I was incredibly impressed with the concept of this subscription box because it’s the only one of its kind specializing in tarot. Sherry Padilla has completely encapsulated the wonder of tarot cards in such a wonderful monthly box that takes the tarot novice or the tarot expert along for the journey. Each month follows a theme.

For those that are new to tarot, you must understand that tarot cards don’t straight up predict your future & they aren’t scary instruments of sinister powers or any such thing. Instead, they are beautiful decks of artful cards that can help guide you & help you with questions you may have about many various issues good or bad that you may have going on in your life. They are a wonderful tool that can help you look at many things differently. They can greatly help you reflect inwardly & gain new knowledge you didn’t know you had within yourself. The TarotBox by Reckless Reader Tarot is perfect for people new to tarot & experts alike. Sherry Padilla helps to guide you through layouts & more with a very helpful guide that comes in each box each month that can be used with any or all decks.

Whether you are new to tarot or an avid collector, TarotBox by Reckless Reader Tarot will prove to be a very special adventure for you each month!

The theme for December’s TarotBox was

Let’s take a closer look at what the December Box contained, shall we?

Everything in Box
The theme for this month’s box was Reflection.

The items included this month were:

Shadowscapes Tarot Deck- by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law by Llewellyn Publications 2010.

Front of Box
“You will get lost in its dreamy landscapes & enchanted by the many animals entwined in the images. Within each card, the artwork draws you in for hours of discovery, finding new details with every pass of your eyes. Sit with them. Invite the characters to join you. Enjoy the power & beauty of the Shadowscapes Tarot.”

Back of Card Box
TarotBox creator Sherry Padilla explains, “I chose the Shadowscapes Tarot for December because of its gentle & soothing artwork. It just screams meditation! When I pull a card I just want to stop & take in every detail, which is exactly what I need this time of year.
For me December is a time when I truly wish I could just hibernate. The shock of another year gone compounded by with the worry of ‘did I do enough of what I set out to do’ makes for a recipe of self-doubt & over analysis. So I try to be kind to myself & remember to stop & reflect more often than I would other times of the year.

This is your time to pause & reflect, pamper yourself a bit & regroup for the year ahead.”

Card Trio
Look at the dream-like quality of the illustrations on these cards! They beckon you to come get lost with their imagery. They evoke a kind of calm & relaxing atmosphere that you can feel come from the cards.

Card Layout
Card and Crystal Lay Out
I love the silver moonlight colored borders of the cards as well. It really makes them pop.

Back of Card
Even the backs of the cards are completely gorgeous!

Wool Tarot Deck Bag

Bag Upclose
Reckless Reader signature style of form & function. 100% Wool helps insulate the energies of your deck, keeping the good in & the bad out.

Tarot Deck and Bag
I love the deep, purple color of this bag. It also has a shimmery little purple gemstone accent & a pretty tassel.

Tarot Bag w Tarot Peeking Out
2018 Crystal Calendar

Front of Calender No Plastic
Spiral bound, desktop stand & so much information on each crystal!

Back of Calender Plastic
Just look at the beautiful detail on each months crystal below:

Here below , shown standing on my desk:|

Just look at the wonderful information included about each crystal on the backs of the page!

Amethyst Info
I think it was especially fun to add a thing like a calendar so you would have it in time for the New Year & get to enjoy it each month all year-long!


Amethyst 2

Spiritually powerful, soothing & healing. Every piece was handpicked by owner Sherry Padilla.

How exquisite! Amethyst is my favorite crystal, so I was delighted to see this included. It is exceptional piece & has such a deep, dark purple color. It was almost hard to capture its true color in the pictures with my lighting, but I assure you it is breathtaking. My pictures don’t do it justice! It’s just so gorgeous in person.

Bee Bar Lotion Tin, Lavender Scent from Honey House Naturals

Bee Bar Tin Front
Everyone deserves a bit of pampering. This “lotion” bar is all natural with no greasy after effects. Perfect for hands that shuffle tarot decks!

Bee Bar Open
The scent of this Bee Bar Lotion is divine! Lavender scent is so calming & peaceful. It’s not overpowering or too much at all. It makes you feel super meditative & is wonderful for using when using tarot as it makes you really relax & feel the cards. It absorbs right into your hands so there is no greasy residue that can get on your cards- I love that! The tin is even so pretty that it will be nice to reuse once the lotion is gone.

Bee Bar Back Tin
Lavender Cone Incense

Incense Cones

To Set the atmosphere of calm & tranquility needed to read tarot, pause & reflect.
It has a wonderfully relaxing scent that doesn’t overpower as they burn.

Set of 12 Stickers

To be used on your calendar, one for each month of the year.
To remind you to Pause, Reflect & Plan.

Each month TarotBoxes creator/curator Sherry Padilla includes a wonderful pamphlet that shows you a wonderful new tarot card spread to use with your new deck as well as your past decks. It always comes with a very thought out explanation & all the information behind each card layout. I have only included the diagram here as to show you the one that accompanied this deck. I assure you though that if you receive these wonderful boxes yourself that you will have all the information & insight needed to use your new tarot deck whether you are a novice or an expert.

Info Booklet
In each month’s box, TarotBox, showcases one tarot card from the next months tarot deck so you can get a fun preview of what is to come! I found this to be so exciting & a great way to know if you might be interested in the next month to follow.

Next Months Card

Sign Up for January’s TarotBox by Reckless Reader Tarot which will feature The Impressionist Tarot.

Choose between The Full Experience, the Accessories Only, or Deck Only box. Options on subscription length available on a month to month basis or 3, 6 month subscriptions gets you the most savings per box.

 TarotBox by Reckless Reader Tarot starts at $29.95 a month.

Full Experience with Tarot deck– $59.95

Laid Out view 2
This box includes a Tarot deck (announced ahead of time) and, but not limited to; a bag, deck wrap or spread cloth for your deck; a ritual, card spread or activity (with instruction) that touches on the energies of that months deck; herbs, stones/crystals, incense, candles and other ritual/alter items to tantalize the senses while working with your deck.  Some items may be handcrafted, unique to you and not available anywhere else. Sample and full size products. 5-9 item count.

Tarot Deck ONLY Box– $29.95

Front of Box
Includes the featured Tarot Deck and Booklet ONLY. No frills here, it’s all business! The booklet includes, exclusive to TarotBox and nowhere else.

Deck ONLY TarotBox– includes the featured Tarot deck and Booklet.

The Booklet has instructions for the tarot spread or activity specific to the featured tarot deck.

Accessories ONLY Box– $39.95
This box includes everything that the Full Experience Box has but WITHOUT THE TAROT DECK. Deck bag, wrap or spread cloth; Booklet, etc.
Maybe you already have the deck offered. NO WORRIES! This box includes EVERYTHING that The Full Experience Box has but WITHOUT THE TAROT DECK. Get the same great bag, deck wrap, or spread cloth; the ritual, card spread or activity (with instruction) that touches on the energies of that months deck; herbs, stones/crystals, incense, candles or other ritual/alter items to tantalize the senses while working with your deck.  Some items may be handcrafted, unique to you and not available anywhere else. Sample and full size products.  4-9 item count.
*Can be used with other Tarot decks. Or getting The Full Experience box allows you to gift that extra Tarot deck to a friend so you can learn, share and grow together with Tarot.

Shipping *monthly from Denver, your box will arrive in 3-5 days. One of the most important aspects of learning is play. That’s what they encourage and that’s what they are sharing with you.
(*shipping around the 7th of every month).

Above, are my standout favorites from this month’s box. I loved everything, but the Shadowscapes Tarot deck really spoke to me with it’s beautiful, calm, dreamlike images & colors, & the Amethyst Crystal was a perfect deep, dark gemmy piece to add to my collection. It complemented the theme of this last box of the year.

Stay tuned to my blog each month for a monthly review of the TarotBox from Reckless Reader Tarot- you’re going to love it!

Sign up with code: “Sav10” to save 10% off your renewal!

Check out TarotBox by Reckless Reader at:





This box was provided to me for review. All opinions are honest & my own.


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